Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Final concepts for Spiero and Dunk. I'll post the colors later, Njoy!

Here are some environment studies for the track and maybe last stage of the race for Destiney Games.

Oh well, semesters almost over. Here is my final for Characters and Environments. Spiero is an intergalactic Olympic sprinter. Training his whole life, this is his first time competing in the Destiney Games on planet Exterra. His race has always been known for their speed and agiligilty and he wants to follow in that tradition. His trainer Dunk, has to keep his flamboyant protege in check sometimes but he is really just a headstrong young Yakubian runner.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hey finally finished the storyboards, now on to the animatics. Yay motion!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cave Bar

Cave watering hole. WIP.

Petey and Chloe

This was an assignment in Characters and Environments. The topic was to design a main character and sidekick with a small backstory on the vehicle they use. I wanted to do something using a non typical female character.

Just thought I would post this. It may motivate me to push it further soon. Color anyone?

Tank Refining

Tank Study

I really need to get to working on the mechanics of this guy. This is the antagonist in my short film.

Heavy Gunner

Lost Soldier

This is a sketch I did a while back. I'll get to finishing it someday. It was a Photoshop color exercise.